images of library books in the SAS library

School Library Introduction

The SAS library coordinates with teachers to promote literacy, a love of literature, and “effective users and producers of ideas and information.”

The SAS librarian:

• provides literacy instruction for students and staff including evaluation and analysis of the credibility, relevance, and currency of information

• provides materials that support curriculum for staff

• provides education for students to be critical producers and users of information

• promotes a culture of readers through classroom book talks, individual reading recommendations, and recognizing student interest by displaying student “READ” posters

• develops a relevant collection of fiction and non-fiction accommodating reading choices for all students

• manages resources to support teaching and learning

• provides guidance and promotion of literature circle titles

• provides motivation and guidance for students to read for enjoyment and understanding

• creates a positive atmosphere inviting students and staff to feel welcome using their library

Library Resourcecs

Library Policies

Quick Reference

  • The Library is open 7:30-2:45 except early release Wednesdays
  • The Library is open during lunch Mon/Tues/Wed
  • Books can be checked out for three weeks at a time.
  • All books can be renewed after the initial three weeks.
  • We do not have library fines at SAS, but if you lose or damage a book, students are responsible for it's replacement.
  • All students have access to King County Libraries with their school ID.  See Cheryl for details.

Library Hours:

The library is generally open from 7:30 AM to 2:45 daily, except for early release Wednesdays.

Library Staff:


Name: Cheryl Steenson