Enrollment in SAS is predicated on an application process. Personal accountability and respect are the two pivotal standards that guide our program. Students sign a success contract when they come to SAS to show that they are committed to their education. Our teachers are highly qualified in their subject content areas and are skilled in teaching students with alternative learning styles.  They work to give every student the opportunity to be successful.

  • Where your #1 job is learning
  • Where you are defined by your possibilities
  • Where you become your best self
  • Where you get a fresh start
  • Where you have a personalized learning experience
  • Where difference in talent, skill and ability are celebrated
  • Where you have the sole responsibility for your learning

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Credit System

Earning Credit

The Way Credit Works

by Mercedes W

Students at SAS learn the school credit system and learn to work with it. SAS does not accredit students by GPA or letter grades for overall classes, tasks, and assignments. Students appreciate the credit system at SAS because it’s professional; they see, record and are always on top of their credit. When students come to SAS, they learn how much credit they have up until that school year. Students learn how many credits they need to graduate. Throughout their time at SAS, knowledge of the credit system in its pure form, leads many students to graduate early. Students learn how to be “Takin’ care of business.”

Earning Credit

SAS students must meet the same graduation requirements and diploma standards required of all Northshore graduates. The difference is our delivery and support system. Students earn portions of credit every 15-20 days with 10 grading periods in a year, verses the traditional end of each semester grades. SAS focuses on mastery learning, so when students master a skill, project, concept, and learning, they receive payment in the form of credit. Students earn credit and receive a progress report every 20 school days.

Grading Periods

Most students have 6 classes.  To keep on target for graduation, students are expected to earn .10 credits in each of the 10 grading periods throughout the year.  By the end of the year, students should earn one full credit in each class, and six total credits.

Progress Reports

Students receive a progress report every grading period complete with all of the credit they have earned and teacher comments. Students use the progress reports to track their academic credits, and to reflect upon their performance.