Parent Involvement

Did you know that SAS does not have an ASB or PTSA like traditional schools?  Because of this, we rely on parent and community donations to make the magic of SAS happen.

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help at SAS? Looking for something that doesn’t take a lot of time or money? 

There are lots of ways to help:

  • To make a tax-deductible general donation to SAS, go to Northshore Schools Foundation, and to support the SAS music program, donate here. Be sure to put "SAS" at the bottom of the form so the money goes directly to the school 
  • Collect aluminum cans! SAS recycles aluminum cans as a big part of our fundraising. Ask your friends, family, and even work to save their cans for you, and then send them to school with your student
  • Join your local PTSA. Most of the secondary PTSAs support SAS, so support us by joining them
  • Many companies (like Microsoft and Boeing) will match monetary donations and/or volunteer hours. Ask HR if you have a program

Here are some of the items and activities your financial support will make possible:      

  • The SAS music program 
  • Supplies for Friday sessions
  • In-house prom                                           
  • Individual student support grants
  • Senior breakfast
  • Yearbooks
  • Individual snacks
  • Field trips
  • Small prizes for student growth
  • Outside presenters and speakers
  • Watercolor paints

Another way you can support our school is to purchase snacks or needed items and ship or bring them directly to SAS.  Below is a list of regularly needed items:

  • Individual Snacks 
  • Individual Packages of Candy
  • Cans of Diet Soda, Sparkling Water, Juice
  • Yarn
student at secondary academy for sucess playing table tennis