Staff Wish List

Teachers often use their own money and resources to supplement classroom materials. The Wish List will serve to connect the needs of staff with possible donations from parents and our community. If there is something on the Wish List that you would like to donate, please contact the staff member.

Barbara Wilson  

  • Washable yarn for CE projects
  • Fleece Yardage for CE projects 

Cheryl Steenson 

Magazine subscriptions:

  • Science World Magazine
  • Astronomy Magazine
  • National Geographic Travel

Other items:

  • two digital cameras for yearbook club

Jeanne Alonge 

  • K-Cups (cider, hot cocoa, coffee with creamer, coffee, etc.)

  • Ceramic mugs

  • SpongeBob games (like SpongeBob Uno, etc.)

  • Non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks (granola  bars, nuts, etc.)

Kelli Wax - Nurse 

Individually packaged snacks for the health room, for example:

  • granola bars
  • mac and cheese
  • peanut butter crackers

Laurie Broulette - Counselor

Magazines (Used or new):

  • Thrasher
  • Game Informer
  • Any auto/truck, bike, or mechanics magazines