Technology Support


Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  It is critical that parents, caregivers, and students are able to access the variety of systems that we will be using for teaching and learning and for communication.  Please read this information completely to ensure that you have up to date information about logging into these systems.

Students NEW to SAS can find initial login details in the right side bar.


Clever is our District’s new portal system.  All parents and students have an account in Clever to help them get connected to all the other systems we will be using.  Students and parents log into Clever differently.

Parents will log in to Clever at

The parent portal will give parents access to buttons for ParentVUE, Schoology, and other district systems.  It also provides a method for helping students to get logged in on their device.  This is called “Instant Login” and should be used only when a student has trouble logging themselves into Clever.

Parents were sent invitations to join Clever the week of August 17.  If you did not receive your invitation, please visit and click “Reset Password”.  Enter the email associated with your Northshore account.  An email will be sent with password reset information.  If you have not received the email within 48 hours, please contact your school office.

Students will log in to Clever a

Student accounts follow this pattern: the username is their email address and their password is the password they ended last school year with or the default (for new students).  Student accounts use the student’s ID number.  If you do not know your student’s ID number please look at their information in ParentVUE.  If you do not have a ParentVUE account, you can request an account and activation code here:


Returning NSD students: 

Username is, for example

Their password is the password they used last year.  If they don’t remember that password, a staff member can reset their password for them.

New students:

Username is, for example

Their temp password is the claim code given to them by school staff, or STS.  First login to with the claim code and change password.  After you change your password proceed to to access everything in one place!


Schoology is our district’s new Learning Management System.  It replaces systems that were used last year to distribute class assignments and learning materials, such as Google Classroom.  All parents have access to an account in Schoology to monitor student progress, view course materials and assignments, and communicate with teachers. 

To login to Schoology, parents will login to Clever ( and click on the Schoology for Parents tile.  Enter your email and password.  If you have not activated your account, click “Forgot your password” on the Schoology login screen.  Enter the email associated with your Northshore account.  An email will be sent with password reset information.  If you have not received the email within 48 hours, please contact your school office.

Students will log into Schoology by logging into Clever ( and clicking on the Schoology tile.

Although it is recommended to use Clever for Schoology access, if Clever is unavailable then students can sign in directly at However, this can result in odd behavior if the browser is not also signed in with the student's account.

Commonly Reported Issues

I cannot see all of my children in Clever/Schoology.

This is likely due to incomplete information in Synergy, our student information system.  Please log into ParentVUE and review the information associated with your account to ensure that you can see all children and have all contact and educational rights to all of your students.  If that information is correct, please contact your school’s main office to research further.

I never received an email invitation to Clever and/or Schoology.

Check your email spam and junk folders to ensure that the emails didn’t get misplaced.  If you still don’t see those invitations, visit Clever and/or Schoology and use the “Reset My Password” or “Forgot your password” links to generate a new email from one or both systems.

Clever & Schoology Family Orientations

Northshore is providing ongoing opportunities to learn about our Remote Learning model and to gain an understanding of these new systems and getting started with Clever and Schoology.  We are actively updating our website with information based on questions we are getting from our community.  To see the schedule of Orientations and to view other important information regarding device checkout, meals, and other programs, please visit

You can follow these links for information on how to access Schoology. All students and teachers at SAS will be using this system, so it is important to get familiar with before we begin school on September 2nd. 

Additional Resources

Video: Introducción a Clever y Schoology para los Padres 

Video: Getting Started with Clever and Schoology for Parents 

SAS Technical Support

NSD Support Hotline:

CALL 425-408-7669

Device Distribution

Check back in September for more information!

New Student Login Information

Accessing your account Your user name is your student ID and your temporary password is your your claim code given to you by your School Technology Specialist, teacher, or librarian on campus.  If you have not already reset your password this year, you may still have last years password set or need your claim code.

Get your Claim code from your school tech specialist or appropriate staff member at school.  You will need to verify your identity. Change this password right away: While you can log in to various services, the temporary password is not secure and will expire after a short time.

Please visit: in order to change your password      Your user name is your NSD student ID. Your temporary password is your claim code.

  • This site will help you to create a secure password that will be used for all your NSD services.
  • StudentVUE (Grades)
    Just use your student ID and password
  • Google Account
    Use your NSD email address as the user name for Google. Your emai address is your student ID followed by
  • Clever (
    Sign in using your email address and password. Be sure that you have signed into Google Drive BEFORE attempting to access Clever if you are new to the district
  • Schoology (Only accessible through Clever)
    Sign in using your email address and password

If you lose your password and need it reset or need help signing in to any NSD accounts, email David Arthur School Technology Specialist for assistance.